My team and I will aim together at the successful conclusion of the POMPEI project and more. My two post-docs and my PhD student will work hard in order to produce exciting science and publish productively. I will work hard with them at our research and at supporting their personal professional development.


So far, I supervised 3 Diploma theses (BSc), 1 Master and co-supervised 1 PhD student.

Currently, I am supervising Ms. Karen Pascal's PhD project (University of Leeds).

I have specific training as teacher and supervisor of research students, mainly acquired at University of Leeds:

1) 40 credits course on 'Teaching at Leeds' and 'Enhancing my Teaching' by SDDU, University of Leeds, completed after passing the relative assignments in December 2008
2) 16 hours course on 'Personal Coaching', SDDU, University of Leeds
3) 24 hours course on 'Project Management ', SDDU, University of Leeds
4) 10 credits course on ' Research Students Supervision': attended all classes, not completed yet
5) 10 credits course on 'Management of Research Projects': attended all classes, not completed yet


1996              Master Degree in Physics, University of Bologna

2002              PhD in Physics, University of Bologna

2002 - 2003    Post-Doc, University of Hamburg

2004 - 2006    Post-Doc, University of Bologna

2006              Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, California

2007 - 2009    Lecturer, University of Leeds, UK

2010 -            ERC Starting Grant Fellow, University of Hamburg


On 30 June the project was officially concluded. We will continue working as a team until 31 December 2015.

  • The review paper:

Rivalta, E., Taisne, B., Bunger, A. and Katz, R., 2014. A review of mechanical models of dike propagation: schools of thought, results and future directions.

Is now published.