The team


The team is now composed by:


Eleonora Rivalta - Leader of the POMPEI research group

Torsten Dahm - Head of the wider "Earthquake and Volcano physics" research group

Francesco Maccaferri - Post-Doc - Volcano physics - Numerical modeling of dike propagation

Luigi Passarelli - Post-Doc - Volcano physics and statistics

Fabio Corbi - Post-Doc - Analog experiments of magma propagation and subduction zones

Dirk Roessler - Post-Doc - Volcanic and tectonic seismic swarms

Jana Schierjott - Master Student - Numerical and analog modelling of magma ascent in asymmetric rifts

Camilla Cattania - PhD student - Mechanical modelling of dike-faulting interaction

Marco Beleggia - Material physicist - Dike maths


On 30 June the project was officially concluded. We will continue working as a team until 31 December 2015.

  • The review paper:

Rivalta, E., Taisne, B., Bunger, A. and Katz, R., 2014. A review of mechanical models of dike propagation: schools of thought, results and future directions.

Is now published.